City Of Los Santos RP | Recruiting Emergency services and Civilian



Welcome to the City of Los Santos RP Community, Founded in June of 2017, We are a FiveM Roleplay community dedicated to creating a fun, unique, and professional roleplay experience for our members. Here at C.O.L.S we have several departments that you can apply to join. Civilian Operations, Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Fire Department and San Andreas State EMS. You can apply for the department of your choosing here @ please keep in mind however that each department has certain requirements that must be met for your application to be accepted, these requirements will be listed on the application that you select. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff members. If you are aspiring to become a law enforcement officer be sure to read the San Andreas Penal Code ( and Official 10 Codes ( which you will be able to access upon the creation of your account. On behalf of the entire C.O.L.S RP Staff, Welcome to the Community.

Please keep in mind the following requirements before you join. This Community strictly adheres to an Age Limit which can be found in our Community Guidelines @ All members must adhere to this age limit, with exceptions only being authorized rarely by the Director and/or Board of Directors.

The Community also enforces a ZERO TOLERANCE Bullying and Harassment Policy, Should you be caught or reported harassing or bullying any member of the community, your account will be immediately suspended from all community services including but not limited to, and all affiliated websites, Any and All FiveM Servers operated by C.O.L.S RP, Any and All Communications Servers Operated by C.O.L.S RP including but not limited to Teamspeak and Discord and an investigation will be launched with the Internal Affairs Department, during the period of the investigation you will be able to represent yourself providing any proof you may have to defend your case. Should you be found Guilty of the reported breach of this Policy your account and all access to any services mentioned above will be permanently terminated.

City of Los Santos RP is also a Proud Member of the Imperium of Gamers Network, Please check them out @

Also feel free to join our discord