City of Houston Roleplay | | Anyone Can Be A Cop/Fire/EMS | Custom CAD/MDT | | Active Staff | Custom Cars | Houston, Texas!


City of Houston Roleplay Server is now recruiting new members!

We are looking for Police,Fire/EMS,Dispatch and Civilian’s!

Mic is not required to play on our server,but is preferred.

We are not a whitelisted server,and we do not have a minimum age, we just ask that you be mature and respectful to your fellow players and our staff.

We currently have 4 departments open.

Houston Police Department
Harris County Sheriff Office
Texas Department of Public Safety(State Troopers)
Houston Fire Department

Just message one of our staff team to find out how to apply for a Department!

We have very active staff, who are alway willing to answer questions, or help you out if you are having trouble with the game.

We have our own CAD/MDT and our staff team works very hard to keep the discord and CAD roles up to date
for each individual member to ensure the quality and organization of your roleplay needs!

You can visit our website here at: or join our discord:

If you have any questions you can ask me here,or on the Discord,my user name on there is: BOD | 1D-89 | Johnny K.

If i am not available I am sure one of the other staff members would be more than willing to help.


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