City of Angels RP *Updated 9/27/2019*

Welcome to City of Angels Roleplay!





We’ve recently revamped our server with new features and a new staff team, our aim is to encourage serious roleplay without restricting the server to a whitelist one so players have more possibilities and involvement within the community. We have a set realistic economy with reasonable paychecks and realistic house/car pricing. We aim to make the server experience as entertaining and immersive as possible.

  • Custom Framework

  • Custom Vehicles, Menu’s, Clothing, and Food Items etc.

  • Custom Scripts ( Zipties, Y Menu, and RC cars )

  • Active Staff/Community

  • Events

  • Whitelist Jobs with custom job menu’s/MDT/CAD

  • Player Controlled Black Market


In Game Shots

Custom Menu's

We’re actively hiring Police and EMS!

We have whitelisted jobs available such as The Police Department with varying sub-divisions, EMS with tons of active roles and roleplay potential, mechanics with plenty of player interaction and career building, and we have player driven black market system.

LAPD - The Los Angeles Police Department,

If you’re interested in the law aspect of roleplay, we have a white-listed job available that you have to apply for via the forums and receive an in game training session. We have a custom MDT/CAD system along with subdivisions like LASD, MCD, k9, and SWAT.

We have a k9 division where you can have an actual k9 by your side to command! As well as a Major Crimes Division with detective roleplay and case buildings. S.W.A.T is in the works along with a Sheriff’s department and much more.

We have custom police cruisers, helicopters, and vehicles! The Police Department is active and has had a lot of work put into it regarding the divisions, SOP, and rankings. There’s plenty of criminal justice based roleplay with organized crime and organized subdivisions.

In Game Shots

Custom Job Menu

Cop%203 cop%204

You can apply on the Forums!

LAFD - The Los Angeles Fire Department

Like LAPD we have custom vehicles offered and scripts to improve realism. You can carry civilians and properly roleplay their injuries in hospital beds etc. There’s ranks you can earn and tons of roleplay opportunity, LAFD is always looking to hire new nurses and people looking to save lives. You can be a field nurse, paramedic, doctor, and perhaps even a director if you put in enough effort!

It includes a custom job menu with the ability to revive, hospitalize, and carry civilians.

Custom Job Menu

EMS%201 EMS%203 EMS%202

Same with Mechanics, we have custom vehicles and tons of features through custom career menus at your disposal. All white-listed jobs have a thorough application and training process so each roleplay scenario is realistic.

You can apply on the Forums!

Civilian Life/Crime Life

You’ve just flown in and you’re a civilian of the bustling city of Los Angeles! There’s so much to offer with blue collar jobs (Taxi Driver, Courier, Fisherman etc.) and endless possibilities. Our server is YOUR canvas for story telling, character development, and roleplay; Whether you plan on being a law abiding citizen, gun dealer, drug lord, mafia boss or all of the above! It’s your choice!

Each drug product (Meth, Cocaine, Weed, etc.) all have special drug locations to be gathered and produced, not to mention the gun-running system which is a fast and easy way to make money. We have custom scripts for robberies and have the ability to zip-tie and carry people! Roleplay for Criminal based characters is practically endless with scripts being added left and right for your immersion.

We have custom cars at the dealership, Custom content within the clothing stores, an amazing character creation menu, and varying interactive civilian jobs. The framework is smooth, the menu system is clean, and the inventories and HUD system are all custom! We have an amazing developer who takes ideas from the community to implement into the server. The staff is active and interact with the community as we want the roleplay experience to be the best it can be!



We’d love for you to give our server a shot! If you’re interested, please take a look at our discord and website!

Please feel free to hit up a staff member via Discord for ANY questions at all!

Hope you’re just as excited to join the city as we are to have you!


Server is good, got an amazing staff team especially Naomi Wolf


Server is filled with amazing custom content and awesome people


Can’t wait to see you all in town! :dizzy:


having such a great time on this server :+1:


Server is awesome. Amazing community! 10/10 :star:


Love this server!
Everyone should come check it out we have a amazing staff team and an outstanding community!
Would love to see some new face, they are always welcome <3


Can’t wait for you all to check us out! :slight_smile:


Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome


Nice server and very busy at us time.


I’ve spent a ton of time on this server and have played since March. Ever since the wipe a little over a month ago it’s just gone downhill. It used to be an amazing server and I played so much because it used to be so much fun. I’ve really been hoping for it to pick up and hopefully with the recent changes it will. Recent decisions from the staff team and actions of certain staff members has changed my opinion of the server. I’ve been hoping for the player base to pick back up for a bit now and I’m still hoping with the recent changes it will, but it may not be enough.

There is no housing. There used to be before the wipe over a month ago, but we still haven’t had it added back yet. The server isn’t ‘very busy at US time’. The server has had a peak of probably 15 players in the past month. It used to have 2-3 full servers just a few months ago. There is some custom content I guess, but I have found most of the same “custom scripts” on other servers except zipties and RC cars, such as the said to be custom robbery system. Then there’s also the bugs that have existed for a long time unfixed and basically unacknowledged when they are reported numerous times. You haven’t been able to lock your own car 99% of the time you tried since I joined the server, this was just fixed today. Took 4 months at least. Then the game breaking bugs such as a dupe glitch when taking items such as weapons out of a vehicle trunk.

Roleplay has been lacking since there isn’t really anyone active to roleplay with. EMS is basically dead and has been for awhile now, there’s just never any active. PD has had it’s ups and downs and it’s a ton of fun to roleplay as a cop when there’s situations happening and players online, but there is no organized crime anymore and really not enough players now to have really anything to do as a cop when there’s <10 players and 3 cops on duty. The most actions cops get now are when the same group of people get on the server only to do a robbery because they see multiple cops online.

Some higher ranked staff have made inappropriate comments towards specific community members which led to them getting banned for defending themselves, and others leaving to support their friends. They also tend to make questionable decisions such as with bans or unbans of certain members. They ban who they want and unban who they want. It’s a friendship thing. You’ll just get used to it if you enjoy the server. Same goes with certain whitelisted job positions, they are all controlled by the friendship circle. You aren’t in it, too bad.

Like I said already, I used to love this server. This is in no way a hateful post. It’s simply my opinion on how the server has turned out and a warning for anyone wanting to play. And hopefully it’s some criticism the staff team can use if they care enough to. I’ve realized that I can find actual custom content, more features, and fun roleplay on other servers now, so unless something changes in the very near future and the way staff handles things improves, I’ll most likely just come back to CoA occasionally to see how it’s going.


I honestly love the server. Its amazing. The community consists of amazing people who are fun to be around and rp with. The server is great too and the devs and server owners work hard to fix things that are broken and add things to the city to make it more enjoyable everyday. Like people have mentioned there are a few negative things but the good thing about this city is that you can dm any member of the staff and explain your issues and they will work with you to get it fixed to the best of their abilities. Also you will never come across a fivem server that is perfect. They will always have something wrong with them that people are working hard behind the scenes to fix. Dont expect City of Angels to be perfect, it is close and I can see it going far. I say give it your best shot and see for yourself :slight_smile:


COA is very unique and friendly servers with a welcoming approach towards new players whether it is the first time playing GTA, using FiveM or just playing on the server. Management is always quick to realize when changes need to be made and are not afraid to try new things. The server itself is also in constant evolution due to the open door policy the management team has with its players voicing their concerns and ideas. All in game issues are handled swiftly and professionally thanks to the pro-active staff team which consist of veterans of the community in a multitude of time zones allowing virtually around the clock support. The judge free atmosphere that encompasses the community is by far the most appealing attribute. The LGBTQ+ community and all communities associated with it are welcomed with open arms and backed by a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of disrespect, discrimination as well as sexual and non-sexual harassment. With all of this in mind, I invite all who come across this post to join the City of Angels and immerse yourself in a one of kind experience that you will not find in most communities and to share your experiences with us via our community discord or forum page which you will find above.

Until we meet!

Zin / Ciel Michaelis
Moderation Team
City of Angels


The server has had a HUGE revamp and we’ve added a lot of new things!
Join and check it out <3