City Life RP Looking for new Rolplayers! We have active cops and EMS!



City Life RP is looking for new Role Players, We have endless jobs, Banking, Garages, and even Hunger and Thirst! If you would like to become a citizen of Los Santos or even become a police officer, EMS, or FD just come here! Wanna be a hardcore criminal? Start a mafia organization?? You can do all that in City Life RP! We would love to have you all come into the server!

Life In San Andreas RPHiring police & EMSSerious RPCustom Cars*


@RoughHades to get more people in, add more information, add discord and have open positions in ems, FD and police :wink:


@albin-32 We have open positions available In all departments, I will add the discord information Thank you


Hello! IP to sever? Can’t seem to locate it on the server browser. Is there in game voice chat for more immersive play?


Yes the Server name just changed it is called Life in San Andreas, The TS information is and the discord is Can’t wait to RP with ya!