CitizenFX Fatal Error


Five Born Folder:
GTA 5 folder:


And Its steam version btw


Having the same with rockstar version

“Citizen FX continued without giving all clear?”

FiveReborn stopped working


@The-Giant-JDM Do you know what to do?


@Midtlie no idea, im trying to reinstall right now though
hoping it completely reinstalls CitizenFX the way it should :o


Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?

How hard is it to follow the format?


@Boss Well sorry bout this, as i didnt know of this “Format”

But my gta version is the latest LEGIT Rockstar version of GTA V

Its TOTALLY up to date


Social club copy

Error is LITTERLY “FiveReborn has stopped working” nothing more nothing less with a load bar trying to reastablish underneath

GTA V ROOT is completely standard from social club install

FiveReborn is as it is installing on its own, nothing added

CitizinFX.log : Gyazo screenshot

NO .dmp file to be found (searched around in files didnt find anything resembeling a .dmp file

ALSO “crashes” folder is completely empty

Completely reinstalling FiveReborn DIDNT help
Have updated my GPU drivers, DIDNT help

IDK whats up with it, but i hope it gets fixed somehow cus i wanna get some skids down :stuck_out_tongue:


Couldn’t load Citizen.dll ? Did you read the F.A.Q?

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015


Error message : its in DUTCH translation in english =
“FiveReborn has stopped working”
“A problem occured which caused the program to not operate properly anymore etc etc.” no specific error code or anything

FiveReborn Crash


CitizenFX Fatal Error :


I’ve received the error on multiple occasions also. My FIX is just deleting the Citizen folder & game cache. Once you try to open your FiveReborn it will begin a short download (Updating and installing the missing files). It should launch after that but if that doesn’t occur, try starting it manually again.

Any questions or if you need my to be more thorough just ask. I’ll do my best to help!


i did though, i installed all things required and followed the complete install ;o
Ill try installing the redist again though as im not entirely sure if its up to date

Its already installed ;o


@Ben-Sylingo well definetly gonne try that one out, but thatll be for tomorrow as its 0:44 PM for me now :open_mouth:
ill give a update then thanks for the support so far :slight_smile:


Gta version up to date
Legit Steam game
Five Born Folder:
GTA 5 folder:
I have reinstalled FiveBorn already.


thx for the help! It worked once i downladed: vc_redist.x64


@Ben-Sylingo Sadly trying this didnt help resolve the CitizenFX error, and still causes FiveReborn to crash :c


@The-Giant-JDM Windows 10?


@Boss yeah im on windows 10 yeah, in the beginning it prompted me if i wanted to allow FiveReborn i allowed it so that shouldnt be it ;/


it works!! thanks for ur help!!