Cinema with working Youtube and distanced sound volume. [Preview | WIP | C#]


waiting, hope for the release


Wow! This is awesome. Great job, hope to see a release soon :tm:


Release whennnn? Need dem RP movie dates. :laughing:


something like this XD


where :eyes:


it’s been a while since you make us lick your shop window, without being able to enter … at this point it becomes torture … :stuck_out_tongue:


just play with dui and rendertargets it’s easy af


could you make me a pretty little one that I could put or I want with youtube functional?:heart_eyes:


i could… but wouldn’t be better if you succed in making it yourself? i can tell you how i made it if you want… just modded esx_cinema adding render targets to the cinemascreen instead using a fullscreen video… for youtube… it’s even easier create a dui object add a generic link and then when someone add a youtube video id you use SetDuiUrl and add that video id to an embedded link… the video will play by itself :slight_smile: after the person exits the cinema… set another dui url like google or so in that way audio will stop (you can’t destroy dui i don’t know if it’s a bug or not)


I am really bad in code I learn for 1 week but I would love to have an example with esx_cinéma … thank you with all my heart. :smile_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:


I found the project :stuck_out_tongue:


<3 thank you @SuisseGames


doesn’t seem to compile


Myself, and someone else tried too. Got errors :frowning:


when can we expect?

im hyped!!!


how we can install it?? Please…


Its a preview, I’ve contacted the guy a few times via FiveM and Youtube. No confirmed date or if it will be completed


i figured out what this guy did if a good coder will like to work along with me i think better yet i know we could got a working version let me know so we can get this out to the community


Would love to see this done!


Well he was last seen online at 3rd October 2018… I really hope he can get this done or even released before he’s gone forever.