Chicago Roleplay - ELS - Whitelisted Govt. Officials - Looking for Dept. heads and Dispatch - LEO Trainers needed - Looking for Civ Director -




Hello, My name is Blaine and I am the Project Lead for ChicagoRP. We are a Serious unwhitelisted roleplay server for FiveM. We have an active community of experienced fun roleplayers who are here to have a good time.

What we are looking for?
Currently, we are looking for staff (Don’t expect to be admin immediately you will have to be trained)
We are also looking for department heads.
Also looking for all government officials

Server Side ELS
Custom LEO Ped Textures
Custom LEO Vehicle Models
Custom Civ Vehicles
Police K9
Police ALPR/Radar
Illinois Plates
Removed Player Map Blips
Removed Player Names
Player ID System
Whitelisted Government
Daily Patrols
-Welcome to suggestions-

Chicago Police Department (Hiring)
Illinois Department of Communications (Dispatch) (Hiring)
Cook County Sheriff (Hiring)
Illinois State Trooper (Hiring)
Fire & Rescue (Hiring)
Civilian (Hiring)
Fire & Rescue (Hiring)

Patrol times (Timezone CST):
Sunday: 6:00pm
Monday: 5:00pm
Tuesday: 5:00pm
Wednesday: 5:00pm
Thursday: 5:00pm
Friday: 5:00pm
Saturday: TBD

How to join:
Join our discord @
and check the “welcome” channel for more info
or you can join the server by searching “ChicagoRP”
in the FiveM server list or direct connect using

Thank you have fun!
ChicagoRP Managment


Updated discord link?



Chicago PD High command positions now full


Minimal High command positions left for Cook County, Chicago PD, and Illinois Highway Patrol.


Still need a Dept head for Dispatch and Fire and Rescue.


Less than 3 spots open in all departments! In desperate need of Dispatch lead, and Civ director!


Also still looking for Trial Staff!


Looking for Cook County High Command Multiple positions open!


two things. I can be a dispatch im 13 second update discord link

#11 and yes no problem!


Still looking for more civilians to join our community. We are a public server with white listed LEO - With the ability to become a registered Civilian with the community which will give you perk’s over a non registered civilian.

if you are interested please join our discord and Ping myself for more information - BrandonA


Still looking for LEO High Command! Join discord for more info!