Chicago Department of Justice Roleplay



Good afternoon/Good morning everyone!

I would quickly like to announce a new community that has just started today,

We are looking for staff , Members, Department Heads and more!

We are up already and have tons of scripts/vehicles in-game!

Here are some things we offer

  • Custom cars
  • Custom LEO Vehicles
  • Teamspeak
  • Realism Roleplay
  • Great Owner and Community Director.

Here are the departments we have

  • Chicago Sheriff’s Department
  • Chicago Highway Patrol
  • Chicago Fire Department
  • Chicago Police

---------- Keep in mind ----------

We are still looking for members and everything as listed above.

Currently, we have the normal Police department vehicles you can get online but do not say Chicago.

We kindly Invite you to our server for amazing roleplay and great more times to come!

Here is our discord :
Teamspeak will be listed in the discord.

Sincerely Carson D.


Again we are still recruiting staff and Law Enforcement! Come stop by for some amazing roleplay!

Discord invite was just updated. Here it is again.


Not very realistic, huh?