[CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N] In need of translators



Hey guys,
I would like to add Multi Language Support to my Menu, CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N, and need translators for this task.

If you’re interested in doing so, download this lua File, translate every string in it and post it here.
Tell me which language it is and also how you want to be credited.

Needed Languages:

English			-		Done by myself
German			-		Done by myself
Norwegian		-		Done by Glitchdetector
Lithuanian		-		Done by Virsenas
French			-		Done by Davy_Paranozia
Arabic			-		Done by SHaRKi
Turkish			-		Needed
Bulgarian		-		Needed
Mandarin		-		Needed
Spanish			-		Done by Salvick
Portuguese		-		Needed
Bengali			-		Needed
Russian			-		Done by Foxy_Anim_Play
Japanese		-		Needed
Italian			-		Done by Ermen07
Romanian		-		Needed
Dutch			-		Done by Vespura (Partially)
Greek			-		Needed
Czech			-		Needed
Swedish			-		Needed
Chinese (Traditional)	-		Done by Jiao1911_FiveM
Chinese (Simplified)	-		Needed

These are the most common languages I can think of
but please provide other languages too, if you can!

Thanks in advance.


@glitchdetector - Norwegian

@Virsenas - Lithuanian

@Salvick - Spanish

@Foxy_Anim_Play - Russian

@Ermen07 - Italian

@Davy_Paranozia - French

@Vespura - Dutch

@Jiao1911_FiveM - Chinese (Traditional)

@SHaRKi - Arabic

Translate.lua (30.0 KB)

[Release][v2.0.1] CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N [Mod Menu][Admin Menu (incl. Bans, Kicks, Spectate...)][Outfit, Vehicles, Weapon & Settings Saving]
[Release][v2.0.1] CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N [Mod Menu][Admin Menu (incl. Bans, Kicks, Spectate...)][Outfit, Vehicles, Weapon & Settings Saving]

Hey, I’ve gone though the file and translated it to Norwegian (Bokmål).
Chemical Toxin Norwegian Translation by GlitchDetector.lua (30.0 KB)

I’d love if my name was printed all over the screen at all times as a form of credit. (Just kidding, don’t do that.)
As long as my name is credited in the in-game menu in some sort of way that’d be fine. (Possibly a separate about or credits page where other names also would appear).
The username I’m posting with here is all you’d have to credit to.


Thank you for your help


I think you should make a command, mention it in some place and when someone uses it, it shows what kind of languages the server has been translated to and what kind of people have helped with the language translation. Something like this:

  1. Norwegian - glitchdetector, username2, username3
  2. German - username4, username 5
  3. Serbian - username6

I’m working on another language too.


That’s similar to what I already thought off.
I will add a new line in the about section which shows credits of the person who made the current language translation.



That is how you will be credited :slight_smile:



Before I finish up with my translation and upload it here, I need to ask some questions or need to be more clear with some things:

ArmorHealWashTitle = “Add Armor, Heal & Wash Your Ped”

Wash your ped? Do you literally mean wash your ped and not the car? Or something else?

OverlaysTitle = “Overlays”

Need to be more clear with this.

UpgradeTrailerTitle = “Upgrade (Trailer)”

What is the trailer? Need to be more specific.

TrimTitle = “Trim”

Need to be more specific too. Need some context.

SenderToFreezeTitle = “Sender To Freeze”

Need to be more clear.

UnitTitle = “Unit”

Need to be more clear.

MenuBaseTitle = “Menu Base”

Need to be more specific. Is it something like main menu?

ColorValuesKeyboardMessage = “Color Values”

Need to be more clear. Does the word value stand for the color’s worth (money) or the number (ID number of the color)?

Also, I censored the sexual acts. I did translate them and I left them in comments. But those things are too strong and offensive. Mostly young kids play the game. But you can put those translations in, it’s your server. I’m just suggesting to leave those translations censored.


–> Yes, I mean washing blood and dirt off of the ped.

–> The Stuff like Blemishes, Makeup etc. (Things on top of the Ped Skin)

–> I mean the Trailer of a Truck, that big thing it is pulling (I have no Idea how to describe it ^^)

–> That is what I mean
–> youtu.be/dVBtTZyQjIo?t=1m28s

–> That Option is to Freeze the Radio at a specific Radiostation, So I actually mean “Radiostation to freeze”

–> Units like KM/H & MPH

–> The Base I used to create the Menu, MrDaGrees Gui Managment

–> I meant the RGB (Red - Green - Blue) Values

That is actually how I added it in my menu (CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N) and released it. Every Serverowner using my menu has the option to remove them if they want. These are just some examples. Maybe I will change it…
(Also, kids arent allowed to play it anyway, but I get what you mean.)


Chemical Toxin Lithuanian translation by Virsenas.lua (34.0 KB)

Only 3 lines were not translated, as those words did not have a word for it and they would be called probably the same as the english version, but with a different ending or it would need a person in that particular profession to know the word in a different language.


@glitchdetector @Virsenas Thank you very much for your help, I hope I will find some other helpful people willing to translate in other languages too.


I am still need in translators. Expecially for the languages French, Spanish, Russian & Italian


I can translate to Russian language. =)


That would be great :slight_smile:


I can help you out with Romanian language, if you still need it ( the guy with the Spawn Cars only trainer :smiley: )


Yeah I would really appreciate that :slight_smile:

@Foxy_Anim_Play @thebadbone23

Just download the file from the first topic and translate it.


OK. Tomorrow or today im sent you translated trainer in Russian language.


Thank you very much :grin::clap:


Italian Translation :wink:
Translate.lua (32.1 KB)


Thank you @Foxy_Anim_Play for the Russian Translation and thank you @Ermen07 for the Italian Translation.


Hey hello!

This looks really great and although I’m just an amateur trying pre-made scripts and slowly learning I’m already translating this to Spanish as a personal exercise of researching all the available functions and to contribute here at the same time.

My criteria when translating this is to slightly transform some terms to what these would be in Spanish since some things shouldn’t be translated literally and would need to be interpreted properly, anyways, I’m bringing here a few of these to discuss about in case there are any discrepancies or misunderstandings.

Also I have found a typo, in the line 466 where it should say “Respray” but it says “Respary”. Should I fix it or leave it like that and just take care of the translation without touching it?

For the “one shot kill” function I decided to leave it like that because is something that is better known in English than if I translate it to Spanish.

For the “kick” and “ban” functions, although these are pretty well known in English by the Hispanic spoken people, I decided to still translate it for a more accurate understanding so it says (in Spanish) “eject” player and “exclude” player, kinda like that.

Other observations regarding the translation:

Line 687		SenderToFreezeTitle = "Sender To Freeze"
Line 688		RadiostationUnfrozenMessage = "Radiostation Unfrozen"
Line 689		RadiostationFrozenMessage = "Radiostation Frozen"

I interpreted this as an option to skip or archive a radio station you don’t want to have in the dial anymore, so I just translated it as “Radio Station Archived” which fits better with the Spanish language than literally translating “freeze / frozen”

Line 732: ResetPasswordErrorMessage = "Please enter a Name" 

Shouldn’t say “Please Enter a Password”? I translated it like that instead.

Line 753: PlateTextKeyboardMessage = "Plate Text"

Which kind of plate does that mean? Is that the License Plates? Because I don’t think so, so just translated it literally

Here’s the full translation, although it is completely revised I’ll still keep an eye for further updates that might need to add their respective translation and I’ll pay attention in any case that something would be need to be changed if someone else wants to bring a suggestion or an opinion.

Hope it helps for those who wants to use it in Spanish and South American servers and hope you enjoy my contribution as I’ve enjoyed translating this awesome tool/mod you made for us the community.

Let me know once you take a look at it if there’s anything else you need from me.


Edit: translation dismissed, uploading a new one with minor corrections.