Check what animation


Hello there,

i look for it but unfortunatly didn’t find it yet.
I want to check on a ped if he is running animation and if yes what animation he is running.

for the moment the only thing i get about this is to check if he is running the task_play_animation (this seem to work) but after that i don’t know what native could help me know what animation.




Whoo , how i could miss it ? , (maybe to much native in my head)

thanks bro ! i’m gonna check this out.


That native would just return a bool to say if they are playing a specific animation or not. He wants to be able to get what animation the ped is playing.

I just looked through the natives again, and I don’t think there is anything that will just grab the animation a random ped is doing.

If it is just a one-time thing to find out a specific animation that ped on the street is using, I guess you could use that function @xander1998 posted and loop through every animation. That would seem resource intensive, but if you’re just trying to find a name… why not.


don’t worry , thats the native i need i think , i only need to check for some specific anim for the moment.

Just tried Is_entity_play_anim and it work perfectly in my case ^^

thanks @xander1998 and @Briglair


Oh ok, I misunderstood :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh lord ! please don’t let me be misunderstood .