/chat - /textchat - /chatoff


I am currently looking for a script to turn off the text chat in the top left corner as I record and stream quite frequently and hate seeing messages every 2 seconds. If any could help me make one or has one please feel free to pm me or reply to this.


FiveM will update this soon like this, so it will be possible soon.
(Not sure if this is possible yet)


The search tool is really useful FYI


looked for days mate.


looked and looked


I have seen many servers done it


And you do not saw this?

PS: I saw a native for it, but I couldn’t find it Back…


no, thats not what im meaning. I mean clientside I could do /chat or /textchat and it would not show the chat on my side (clientside)


Wait I found it :slight_smile:


This is a bool toggle, so If you want to use that you need to do something like that: NATIVE_NAME(true) or false to deactivate it.


shittttt big props but do you think you could help me and maybe release it together lmao


No problem, but I need to get to work first, I dm you later how it actually works. :slight_smile:


big thanks brother.


i’m going to use that native to whip up a script cause i’m bored lol. it may or may not work. (although i want it to work :wink: )


…is this what you’re looking for?

Made by the one and only @TheStonedTurtle


yeah ik but that one wasn’t working oh btw i know you have it in your server i tested it. but it didn’t seem to work so i might try to fix it :wink:


Yeah thing is I can’t redo all my system settings, they are all custom.


Just tested it and worked fine for me.


Yup, this one works perfectly.


Also note your replacing your chat resource which is not good. also because moderators will dislike you for it :stuck_out_tongue:

but i did try installing it and i got a double chat when typing lol.


just joined and as you can see i get 2 chat boxes.

nvm i think i fixed it