Chat looks different


I was trying to mess with the chat_client.lua to allow it to use “/” commands and turns out all it did was make the chat box different. Now it’s grey and it’s to the right. I redownloaded the server and then put in the original chat_client.lua but it still showed the same grey box. If anybody could help me out with getting this chat fixed and also how to have my server be able to use “/” commands that would be greatly appreciated!


Please post your Chat.lua

For a command tutorial look here:


@Trust37 I’ll post my .lua as soon as I get home and I followed the Basic Scripting Guide. That’s what gave me the grey box.


@Trust37 Alright, here ya go! I hope this helps at all and I hope that we can find a solution to this problem, I’d really like to get my server up and running so people can join. :slight_smile:


@officer246 Why pics? Post it better please, like pastebin.


@kanersps My bad lol, I’m not sure why I did them in pictures… But here ya go!