Chat Formatting // Colors, Bold, Underline



Chat Formatting

By Jelly

Today I’m bringing you a small and short guide/informational post.

There are some posts that exist about typing in color in the chat. Although they aren’t the best, and there are some things left out. Recently I was digging through the code in the chat resource and I found some things that I didn’t know existed, and AFAIK aren’t well known.


^1 // Red Orange

^2 // Light Green

^3 // Light Yellow

^4 // Dark Blue

^5 // Light Blue

^6 // Violet

^7 // White

^8 // Blood Red

^9 // Fuchsia

Other Formatting:

^* // Bold

^_ // Underline

^~ // Strikethrough

^= // Underline + Strikethrough

^*^= // Bold + Underline + Strikethrough

^r // Cancel Formatting

And that’s it!

Update: Colors fixed, thanks to @Vespura for catching my error. :smile:

Update +1: Adjustments to formatting to make it easier to see the actual codes. Also a new picture was added for the red orange.

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Nice formatting on the forums lol.


A tutorial isn’t a spot to advertise your server… so, I removed that.


He does have a point :stuck_out_tongue:


You must be using either an outdated or custom chat resource…
Because the latest version of the official chat resource uses different color codes:

[Release] vAnnouncer v2.1 (09-Oct-2017)

Hmm, I might have switched something up by accident. I’ll fix it.

A tutorial isn’t a spot to advertise your server… so, I removed that.

Whoops. Sorry about that.


Hey man, Do you know the RGBA color codes for these?


Sorry, I have no idea, you can use a color picker with a browser plugin though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or just open the chat resource files and check the hex color codes and convert them.


Or yeah I was gunna say you can just look in the chat files, pretty much what I did here for this post.


So if i wanted to make it colored and bold would i do ^*^2 or ^2^8


^*^2 would be the one you would use


My zaphost settings says its illegal character When i use *


In that case create a support ticket with zap, they’ll be able to help you with zap specific configurations.


how to do bold ? 20 char


The way you do Bold is here.

^*Test > Test


how about bold and red



Simply do ^*^1

20 Characters