Chat for admin



Hello, i wanted to know if someone i got a chat that is only made for mod, admin and superadmin. i tried many different things but with no luck. I found a chat from n3mtv which i liked alot on, the right where we couldn’t talk, but would like that only admins can talk.

If you got that ressource or know how to do it, let me know please !




Do you happen to use vRP or Essentials mode?


i use essentialmode, sorry forgot mentionning i use ESX framework.


thanks for link, but that one is for talking between staf fingame. i wanted a ressourse where noone can talk and only staff can talk ingame chat


So you want it where if you chat ingame nothing comes up unless you’re staff? And if you’re staff does the chat go to all players or just to staff?


yea must go to all players and yes only staff can chat. would be great if you have a sollution. thanks


OK ill have a look when I get home


Please see attached. This will prevent any messages coming through except for those in the groups you define (assuming you arent using any other sort of chat code as this wont override that)

Export to your resources folder and use start staffOnlyChat in your server.cfg

Let me know if you need anything changed. (1.2 KB)


Thans mate i ll try it on m’y local . Il ll tell y ou if everything is ollright.