Chat box looks really bad, Any way i can fix it?



so my chat box in my server looks really bad and i would like to change how it looks. also how do i change the server welcome message as it has another servers welcome message on there.


You can chang eit in your [system] chat resource
go into the css and edit the font and size ect… of stuff and your good to go actually it may be in a resource called customchat not sure


The chat is actually a native resource that FiveM provides; you have full rights to edit it how you want. What I recommend is editing the UI/CSS, changing the colors and sizes and borders etc to your liking.

If you don’t know CSS, it’s fairly simple to use and a quick google search would suffice.


i have both custom chat and chat


what is the font called that is used on most servers?
and how do i change the welcome message


You downloaded the server from igta, theres alot of outdated stuff in that. it will all work perfect but its best that you start fresh. Anyways just change the chat resource and that will fix


Its inside your welcome resource…