Character Selection upon Join with ESX_Identity


Hello, We are developing a server and are unsure how to go about creating a character selection screen. For example a screen in which 3 characters can be created and chosen from. I can make a UI for this but I cannot for my life making a script which separates the 3 characters. If anyone has a package with this included or a standalone script and is willing to share that would be greatly appreciated. Other than that any help or suggestions, let me know!



u can do it with original esx_identity, type /idhelp in chat and u’ll see it
u juste have to adapt the database so it can accept the 3 identities


Do you know how to do that? When you switch character in esx with the AIO menu it just pastes your new char info on the end of the db entry. How would one go about changing identity to accept 3 without changing every single script which uses it?


sadly from what I have gathered you’d need to have it run from steam id and an individual character ID for example, if you look in the vehicles database it is all linked to a steam ID not a character so for example you’d need to have it all altered for characters, again, can be a huge pain in the butt thats why alot of people have not released character selection screens on start up due to the fact the amount of work it takes to create and make it work proper, but again Im with you on this one, hopefully eventually someone will release something for it.


If we make one we will release it to the public. I’ll force the dev to give me it :joy: , If its standalone i will atleast release the source so people can adapt the rest of their plugins around it. I have an idea of how to do it but I’ll have to wait for owner to wake up!