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All of this information is no longer up to date and we are now going by a different name.

Requesting lock / deletion of this post.


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Make sure to post in the right place also Nice name DOJ original! :smile:


Do you not understand that DOJ Canada isn’t DOJRP. They are two different things. So why is it original? @Photobox_2009.


Also the discord expired.


Yea why is it original good question il let you anwser it. :smile:


“DOJ” - Department Of Justice which doesn’t mean it’s copying DOJRP.


You’re a very ignorant person. Piss off and stop commenting on everyone’s thread like a two year old, get a life kid.


What I think Photobox is trying to say, is that many communities use Department Of Justice in their name, as it was made famous by DOJRP. It would be better to pick a name that is original, and does not (whether intentional or not) try to pick up on their hype. From your name, I gather you are Canadian, so I’d choose a name that ties into that. DOJ is so overused, that frankly it makes communities that use it distasteful, and seem like “copycats”.

I wish you guys the best of luck!


Why dont you guys just let the people let themselves name their servers. Why do you have say in what they name it. You don’t own it.


I don’t have any say in what they name it. We are simply making recommendations based on experience. If you don’t like our criticism, then ignore it. If you want to call your server “People shooting others” sure go ahead. We’re allowed to make recommendations, and they are allowed to accept or decline a recommendation. We are simply pointing out that “DOJ Canada” does not sound original, or that it had much consideration put into it, which are major factors in people wanting to join a community.

That’s all I’m going to say, and I am going to stop bumping this thread. @Burnswood if you like the name “DOJ Canada” keep it.

Good luck with your community. I wish you the best.


I didn’t name it, and it wasn’t my choice. But I’ll forward all recommendations if I receive them, that is my job however.

Edit: I also see the controversy between having the phrase “DOJ” in the title, and can agree it is overused.
Thanks for the suggestion, we will change it accordingly. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them.

Edit x2: @Photobox_2009
Have you read the note?
“We are currently in a mid-development state, so most things are subject to change, be added or removed.


Yes I have an idea for the name FrostyCanada Roleplay its not the best but since in Canada it’s alwasy cold


Lol there was a debate about it in the discord.


have you ever been to canada lol


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bump let’s try getting some rp going.