[CBDOJ] Crystal Bay - DOJRP (In need of Civilians, Police, EMS, Fire, Dispatch, etc)



Crystal Bay Department of Justice RP a brand new community, who needs Devs, Staff, and a lot of Civs!

         (NON-ECONOMY MENU BASED SERVER) CBDOJ.com [ https://discord.gg/UdX9wDP ]

                     As it stands the Following roles are Available.


Vehicle Modeling / Vehicle installing for ADDON cars, not replacements.


Looking for staff at this time. [This could change at any given time.] [Need Training]


[We use OpenCAD, it looks the most professional and feels more realistic as well.]

Head of Communications [Need Training]
Experienced Dispatchers [Need Training]
Un-experienced Dispatchers [Need Training]

Law Enforcement

Experience officers [Need Training]
Unexperienced Officers [Need Training]

Fire Department

We run off of a Commissioner base.
We require a Fire Commissioner to run the department as it’s whole. [Need Training]
[Rosters / Veh. Rosters]
The entire Fire Department is available at this time.

Experienced / Unexperienced Welcomed! [Need Training]

Emergency Medical Services

Runs off of a more complex system, like the Fire Department. This will ensure the EMS operations run
smoothly with organized roles.
The Entire Department is available.

Experienced / Unexperienced Welcomed! [Need Training]

Civilian Operations

We need as many civilians as we can get. As we are heavily recruiting cops, we are also heavily recruiting Civilians.

 Our rules are simple when it comes to roleplay. Be sensible with your RP. You can Fly planes, you can 
 do what most RP servers do not allow, as long as you can be realistic, or sensible. RDM and VDM are 
 still not allowed, along with most of our rules that of which can be read from our discord information 

We SHOULD be started up by the end of May.

Please do consider joining! We appreciate all the help we can get.

Thank you,


Stop saying DOJ in your fucking title


Why, it is Department of Justice: “Responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice”.


Yeahhhhh sure… @Photobox_2009 is right, however he could be less rude about it.


yea sorry its just soo anoying


Glad to see you guys using OpenCAD! Have fun!


I know exactly how you feel mate.


Yea it’s just sad but who cares it just makes them look bad and it shows how ORIGINAL they are


Exactly, at least be creative.


What the hell are you guys talking about hahaha :joy:


Pretty obvious, none of these current servers are creative, they have to copy a successful server, take all their ideas, name and style of RP because they want be involved.


We aren’t even copying that guy, lmao. We are a Menu based, NON-Economic server… Department of Justice wasn’t created by the DOJ server. It is a ruling of law. Why do you guys need to come on here and post uninformed nonsense on our group introductory?

Who are you to tell us we are not creative? What is creative about naming a group “Department of Justice”??
Department of Justice is a Government branch in the states, FOR the states to introduce and enforce/dictate law successfully.

Just because YOU think DOJ is “Creative” doesn’t mean we are piggybacking off of their success. You just assume we are the same, because we put DOJ in our name? I’m sorry for offending you.


You should also JOIN a group, before you JUDGE it. You might actually change your uninformed minds.