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Welcome to Castaway Gaming!
Are you a Castaway??? Well, You have come to the right place!

Server Info! & Website Links




Server Information:

LEO Vehicles

Extra Screenshots



We are a Community dedicated to bringing people together
Bringing a tight-knit group of people together to play the games we enjoy with eachother!!
Are you looking to join a new community? Are you new to FiveM? We are here to help!
We are looking for realistic, fun and entertaining RP, Stream? Cool, Who would say no!?

Who are we?
We are Castaway Gaming, A New (ish) Community that is opening to the public,
Our main goal is to be as pro-life as possible! We are all about the Civ Life!
But don’t let that fool you! We have some of the highest quality vehicles for our
Emergency service servants within the community!
We have a mature squad that regularly RPs and wants to expand our horizons,
We want your creativity! Castaway Specializes in making each person feel
welcome and pride over how our staff team acts!

Have Ideas??? Awesome!
We always have an ear open for ideas that may better your experience within
your tenure with Castaway Gaming!
I can not begin to tell you how much we value your time within our community,
But we will NOT require you a specified amount of time to be in game each week!
Our goal is for you to feel welcome and want to come and play whenever you can!
We know you have a real life! This is a video game! Keep your priorities straight!

Our primary focus
Is on our FiveM end of our community, But we won’t be limited to just one thing!
We are just looking to have fun with a bunch of people! Doesn’t matter what we do!

Why Us?
Because I believe we will have an eye opening RPs for your enjoyment!
Our staff members are mature (above 20) and reasonable members who will listen to both sides
of any case no matter what the situation may be! We pride in conducting ourselves in a
professional manor and to reassure you as a Civilian or Emergency Services Member have the best time with us!

Some of the highest quality vehicle models around!!

State Trooper
We are currently operating the following Sub-Divisions

  • Tow
  • Air 1
  • Gang Unit
  • Marine
  • Presidential/Specialty Escort
  • SRU

SAFD uses the following divisions:

  • Fire
  • Rescue services

Communications Department

  • Currently self dispatching, with a “Patrol Supervisor” to assign vehicles.
  • Have one dispatcher in training. Looking to hire more. Including Department heads.

Civilian Department

  • Will be opening up shortly once we grow bigger.
  • Will have leveled Civilians to help organization and RP purposes for Priorities.
  • Looking for Department heads to lead this position.

Future aspirations [Almost Finished]
SSPD (All Blues)
Game Warden / Park Ranger (All Blues)
Medical Examiner
Bounty Hunter (amber vehicles)
Port Authority (Will come with LSPD once big enough)
Paleto Bay PD (Blue lighting, Will be subdivision of BCSO)
Custom Amber fleets coming for our civs who want to do security and stringer scenarios!

All operations are currently hiring as of 02/06/2019.
We have a super easy Application process to become an officer within the community!
Have what it takes? High ranks available! (Will be awarded, Not given)

Custom Fleets
230+ Civ, 60+ Emergency Services
All LEO Skins Custom Made, Fire/EMT to come.

  • High Quality & Detailed Police Vehicles
  • Custom Lighting Patterns
  • Huge Fleet (XBR, Redneck and other private models)
  • Weekly Police Fleet Updates
  • Immersive, Realistic and Custom Police Lights
  • Custom, Realistic and Satisfying Vehicle Handling
  • Custom Skin Textures

Scripts & Addons
We use lots of scripts, Running a Dedicated server that’s basically overpowered!
Currently using a server side trainer trusted in vMenu!
We have lots of public and private scripts!
Want to run your own company? Taxi? Tow? Security? Bounty hunters & much more?
We have the fleet for your needs!!! If we don’t, suggest it to us,
Always willing to take suggestions and feedback on anything within our community!


  • Drag Strip
  • Fire Station Update
  • Custom buildings & homes!
  • Redwood Forests!
  • Custom Swamplands by the Military Base!
  • Harmony Updates
  • Scrap/Tow yards placed variously thru-out Sandy Shores and Harmony
  • Gas add-ons so nobody can troll kill you
  • The hangar at Sandy Shores airfield is a huge garage, opening up for more RP!


  • Jail & Jury!
    Civilians now have the ability to stand trial in game if they have a jail sentence over 10 minutes.
    Anyone standing trial will have to explain themselves infront of a real jury of 3-5 players.
    Each player can vote on the verdict. For more information goto server-controls!

  • Fire Script so Fire has something to do!

  • Custom rims for your civ vehicles!

  • We will be implementing a whole new EUP System shortly!
    We are working on tailoring it a bit more to our liking!

  • Tow truck (Including custom truck with working bed)
    to help build your Towing Empire with as much realism as possible!

  • Custom made CAD for our Server!

  • Vstancer to help modify your custom Civ vehicles even more to your liking!

  • Driving one of our Lifted Diesels? Roll some coal in style!

  • Lost? Don’t worry, we got you! Voice GPS to help navigate your way thru the Mountains and the Redwoods!

  • For a more realistic battle, We have taken out the Reticle in game!

  • Chat commands
    Some helpful chat commands to get you started:
    /twt - Use Twotter
    /ad - Use Craigslist
    /news - Broadcast news to the server
    /hu - Put your hands up
    /shuff - Change seats in a vehicle

We even have the features to help you either string for a private agency! OR for Weasel news!
You can operate the camera or the boom mic using these features:
/cam - Take out a camera
/bmic - Take out the boom mic
With what vehicles you ask?
We have a few amber vehicles for you to choose from!
Dont forget to buckle up!
G - Put on your seatbelt

I couldn’t even begin to tell you about our civ vehicle fleet! Come on in!
Its all in the addon vehicle section of our Server side vMenu trainer!

I thank you for taking the time of reading thru our monsterous ad!
this is just the beginning of what we have to offer!
I personally Welcome anyone and everyone to come check us out and join us for an RP!
We at Castaway hope you enjoy your time with us, and hope we can do everything on our end
for you to enjoy your stay within our community!

**BUT Wait!! There's More!!**


Hello to the makers of Castaway. I wanted to say thank you for the good times that I have had and that I am continuing to have. I have been apart of the server for a little bit now and have still not seen every car on the server. Some servers get boring due to the same cars all the time, with this one all the cars are your favorite and you can not ever just choose one. In fact from other people I have heard the owner is continuing to add new stuff even after 171 cars?!? This server shows how much time and effort that has come into this project. Only way to find out if this is true is to join. Merry Christmas! and happy role playing!



Thank you Lynx, happy to have you around.
We have added some more scripts and additions to the map, alongside a few simple bug fixes in the past 2 days. Currently we have a big focus on making sure the server is optimized for everyones experience.


Hey all!
I’d Bump more often, but we have been busy behind the scenes!
We have added a Few new scripts, A Custom Damage script, And A few others!

Damage Script

We have recently added a custom damage script that helps keep it more realistic!
This script makes it so each crash is better, with better crash physics its insanely real!
If you hit your front end hard enough, you will be dead, and your car may be completely damaged out! May be able to /fix it, But it can be too damaged if you try!

LEO Spikes and Menu

We have an awesome M menu for our vehicles, emotes, LEO loadouts and other various options that helps make things easier when in a vehicle or on duty!
Not only that, but we have spikes! So in a 10-80 our LEO can work together strategically to get ahead of the suspect and lay down a set of spikes!

Various Vehicle Updates Daily

Each day we are working hard behind the scenes, Extra hard with the holidays in tow.
We have a huge News pack to help you follow the story everywhere you go! I mentioned before we had a the boom mic and camera! Well now we have the vehicles to go with it! And Down the road we will be opening the Air to civilian operations! Ever dream of flying a News Chopper? Well we can help you!

Various model updates thru-out the civilian and LEO operations. New skins are being implemented before the holidays for both State Trooper & Blaine County Sheriff’s Office! Come check them out!!

With that being said.. Here are some more pictures!


We hope you decide to come check us out! Ever since Public release we have been growing fairly steadily, We have had some good RPs and some interesting scenes! We happily welcome your creativity to our server! Discord is in the original post!


Discord link or TS?


It is in the original post, however here you go mate!


Merry Christmas From the members of Castaway Gaming & RP.
We would just like to inform everyone, that with the holidays in toe’
Development on the Castaway Servers will slow down, but shall not quit thru-out the joyous time!

I hope you come and join us for some RPs, As the times are slow at this particular time of year!

Again, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas from Castaway Gaming!
Be sure to check us out: discord:



From everyone At Castaway Gaming!
We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
And we Hope that you bring in the New Year with style!

Come Join us at Castaway Gaming for lots of fun!
We are steadily growing even over the holidays,
We offer lots for our members!
Check us out!!

Like I previously stated, Development had slowed up a bit,
but did NOT stop!
And now, We are back in FULL force!!!

Happy New year, again from the Members of Castaway Gaming!!!


Here is some picture spam…
Everything shown here is IN GAME CURRENTLY.
Work is still continuing on the LEO fleet!
But here is a teaser, Custom made skins in 4k!!!
Oh… And some added Civ Updates… :wink:
Lots more pics to come!
Come check us out!!

Server Info and Website links!

[ ]



Server Information:

UPDATE: All pictures removed. No longer resembling in game content. [LEO]
Civ still up to date, minor adjustments temporarily.

Civilian Vehicle Updates


I have been waiting for a server worth playing on!
Love being with you guys and glad to have been with these guys for over a year and a half.
Glad to have a chance and be staff with a classy server like Castaway!

Always good being with and working with @vizzra!!
Server is worth checking out,
I personally recommend it!!

They helped me out from the start and now we are this far into it!
Nightly rps!
Active! Mature staff!
Lots of content for Civ to help make their dream RPs!
How about our LEO, or Park Ranger,
Oh! Cant forget the fire and EMS?!
Lots for you to check out, we welcome all members!!


21+ Is Outrageous. Thats doing nothing but supressing your member count. What do you serve free drinks in the general lobby? LOL!


Thanks, but if you read it more clearly, that’s referring to our staff members. We keep our staff mature and orderly. Thanks again!


Yeah i believe you need to re-read the post. I dont believe you are understanding the correct means within the message.


We at Castaway have been hard at work in between our daily RPs! We are consistently growing since we have launched and we have awesome RPs each night! Come check us out!

Here is the new (Official, But not complete yet) Skins for BCSO and State Troopers!
Oh… And some custom amber vehicles I have been working on to add security, bounty hunters, and stringer RP to an even bigger and better level than before !!


Sheriff skins removed, (Except on motorcycle) Otherwise Trooper skins (WIP at this point still)


Screenshot%20(442) Screenshot%20(443) Screenshot%20(445) Screenshot%20(446)


I’ve never been able to find such a relaxed and cool group of guys in my life. Everyone in this community is nice, friendly, and always willing to help if you need it. Definitely a community I’d recommend for anybody looking for an amazing FiveM server.


Thank you Mayport for the kind works of positivity about our server! We enjoy having you and love RPing with everyone! Hope to see you and many more come back! And hey, Why not add a little something to show everyone what we have been working on!

Well, The Sheriff Skins and the State Trooper skins are officially done!
Okay… Maybe some minor changes in the future, but I believe this is it!
We will see!
Join us to see these beautiful vehicles in person!!
We have nightly RP’s and we are growing pretty steadily!
Come join us for an RP and stay for the Friendships!

UPDATE: Sheriff skins originally posted are no more, Removed pictures so no confusion.
Check out the Trooper skins! (Custom, loosely based off Georgia State)


As you can see from screenshots above Vander has been putting a lot of work into the civ and Emergency services vehicles. We have been optimizing the server more and more while retaining the high quality vehicles, and a lot of them to say the least. There is no longer a need for any client-side modifications, our lighting visuals are all server-side in terms of Emergency Service Lighting. We have also done bug fixes in scripts such as our jailing system, and our Trainer. Come down and check it all out!


What he said! Lol

I guess I could add some more vehicle stuff. I am sure nobody ever gets sick of nice sexy ass LEO vehicles!

UPDATE: Do not mind the skins, we do NOT use these anymore. We have moved on, however… that model tho :wink:


We at Castaway have been working hard to bring more content for the members of our community! We have recently acquired a beautiful Dodge Ram LEO! And why not show the new rendition of our Sheriff Skins than on our new Ram 2500!!

We have been working hard to add and remove a lot of things within the server to help it run smoother and more efficiently. We welcome you to come join us for a patrol! We Patrol daily!

We hope you come check us out,
Here’s something to help persuade you lol

New Ram & Liveries

Experienced Leo/Emt looking for active server

Great community lot’s of helpful staff and players I recommend joining, This is definitely one of the best FiveM servers I’ve seen out there.