Carrier, Yacht and North Yankton not in game



My mates and I play on a server I run, a few months ago we could all see the aircraft carrier, party yacht and North Yankton in game. Three of us uninstalled fivem and one didn’t, the three of us who reinstalled fivem cannot see these the three things but the one who didn’t reinstall can still see them without a problem. It is the same server, is there a newer release of Fivem that don’t include these spawn locations?
Thank you


You need a IPL loader, you most likely had openinteriors, which a clientside version of this, here is a good one:


@IllusiveTea Thank you I will give it a try!


@IllusiveTea Okay so this works on my server for all the places including North Yankton, but on lambda menu when i either click yacht or carrier i just fall into the sea even if i wait there for it to load it never does


[RELEASE] Fix holes in the map if you take a close look on that page, you can see that some of the locations are optional and you need to edit the resource to enable them :wink:


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