Car generator, only with lua or can with ymap?


Hi guys,

can you help me to know if its possible to use the YMAP for generate a entity car or its only with LUA ?

thanks team,

best regards.


Yes you can use a YMAP though im not sure how to stop it being made on every client yet (causes multiple cars in 1 place)


Thanks for your help.

so i will try again because nothing appears when i tried it

or do you have some exemple ?


Sorry i dont have an example but it has worked for me minus the fact it spawns one for each player


but so, if any client create a car, this is impossible, so the way is by LUA in only one charge


sorry what do you mean?

But yes depending on what your trying to achieve Lua creation of a vehicle would be best


i mean look like your first awser, so i will use the LUA at the start server.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: