Car doesn't save when i edit ( vRP)



Hello everyone!
I was on my server, and I bought a car using vrp_showroom, I went to Los Santos Costums to edit and after that I went to save the car, but when I took the car out of the garage the car became default, everything I edited was removed. I have the lscustoms plugin, do not know if it is installed right. Thank you to anyone who can help me!

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[HELP] vrp_showroom doesn't save vehicle edited!

Hello in the next Version of vRP come this Feature…


But i know some servers that use vrp_showroom and vRP system, and the vehicles can be saved… Do you know any other way to fix? When will come the next version of vRP?


Ask this question in the vrp_showroom or lscustoms forum topic. If such a topic doesn’t exist, ask it on the resources download location (i.e by creating an issue on the Github page)


Please do not create new topics for support/questions related to existing resources.

Only ask questions or request support in the original resource topic, or on whatever site/page you got the resource from (for example: create an issue on the GitHub page of the resource that you downloaded).

That way the original resource creator will get a notification and be able to help properly. This also helps to reduce duplicate topics of the same issue, because everything will be inside the original topic, allowing everyone to see all issues and solutions in one place.

Thanks for keeping the forums tidy.