Capture The Point - Team DeathMatch



:beginner:NAME: Capture The Point - Team DeathMatch | (pre-alpha)


:beginner: 20 minutes per match
:beginner: It takes 30 seconds to capture a point
:beginner: Each captured point brings 50 points to the team
:beginner: The team with the highest score wins


:beginner: New weapon recoil
:beginner: Voice chat
:beginner: 4 Classes
:beginner: Killfeed
:beginner: FriendlyFire off
:beginner: and more, you’ll find out on the server

I’m still working on it, so if you find any bug, post a message on discord (#bug-report)


YES!!! It’s a non-roleplay server! :mascot:

No Team Deathmatch game modes? Why only RP?

Hey man! Really happy that finally there is a TDM server!
Glad that you developed and that the framework for it is looking awesome.
In my opinion this is what could improve:

You should be able to tell when points are being captures (Just like in BF), because otherwise there is never any defense/atack tension and as you only know a point is captured at the end, teams always only meet in between points which is a bit hard to happen, so we just circle back and forth capturing points many times separated.

The map should be smaller/more concentrated and built specially for the occasion, probably somewhere in the desert would feel nicer. (or if there was map circulation that would be even more epic).

Thanks for listening, keep up the awesome work!