Capital letter in resource name seems to break RegisterNUICallback


I can’t have a proper callback on my project, my resource is called vRP (for “little” five rp), vrp will not make sense just to fix the bug, I will stick to lowercase for now but it would be cool to fix the issue (if possible).


Is it corrected on your side?
When I send a $.post it does not work


This is still an issue.


Funny bug :'D
How is that possible :boom:


I was debugging the code for hours, trying to find why json was not returning data to the server. Then I found this…

This is still not fixed. Or is this something not on your end that could be fixed?


host names aren’t case-sensitive, so probably chrome is normalizing them to lowercase

nothing that can be done about this except making resource names case-insensitive system-wide which might have various side effects