Can't remove "Mechanic" blip


As i said in the title, my map is full of “Mechanic” blips, but i can’t actually remove them… I’m using Dunko’s vRP and he said that those blips aren’t part of his vRP, so i’ve checked each directory and each file, but i haven’t found anything. Could anybody help me?

Here’s a picture of what i mean


What resources are installed.


The basic ones and then Dunko’s vRP


Copy your server.cfg and put it in here.


I have it since i installed Dunko’s vRP if im not wrong… By the way these are my resources


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start mapmanager
start chat
start spawnmanager
start fivem
start hardcap
start rconlog
#start scoreboard
start mysql-async
#start playernames
start vrp_mysql
start vrp
start vrp_playernames
start vrp_basic_mission
start vrp_barbershop
start vrp_carwash
start vrp_loadfreeze
start vRP_AdvancedFuel
start vrp_job_display
start vrp_bankrobbery
start vrp_basic_menu
start vrp_barrier
start vrp_TruckerJob
start vrp_slotmachine
start vrp_ubermission
start vrp_fixcar
start vrp_dvcar
start vrp_hotkeys
start vrp_chopshop
start railhouse
start online
start bob74_ipl
start pvp
start Ped
start banking
start blips
start club_B
start club_R
start racetrack
start map
start VK_interiors
start ThereMap
start indicators
start simeonfix
start pNotify
start lscustoms
start BrockALPR
start RealisticVehicleFailure
start warmenu
start bcso
start Captain14_LSPD
start Captain14_Sheriff
start DodgeCharger2014
start FordExplorer
start pol718
start polf430
start policeb
start polmav
start riot
start 2015polstang
start polp1
start polchiron
start polaventa
start detective
start ems
start hway
start police
start sheriff
start sheriffd
start swat
start repairtruck
start Audi_C7_RS6
start Audi_S5
start Lexus_RC350
start r8ppi
start c10custom
start chantom
start skyline
start subaruimpreza
start f4rr
start firebird
start ford
start gtr
start moto
start moto2
start moto3
start evo
start truck
start ninjah2
start 2017chiron
start f82
start giulia
start supra2
start rx7tunable
start bmws
start lp700r
start 918
start 488gtb
start m5f90




I know RealisticVehicleFailure has them for sure but check the ones listed


Thank you a lot mate! It was in RealisticVehicleFailure. Today i spent literally an hour looking at each file, but even tho i opened that file i didnt see it… I’m stupid, i know lol