Can't get server on server list?


Does anyone know how to get your server onto the server list. Everything is already in and the server is ready to go but I can’t seem to find it on the server list. Any help?


port forward ports 30120 and 30110 in windows firewall and your router


How would I do that?


I’ve heard there’s this amazing website called, where if you ask a question, they will present you with some answers


I followed the instructions but nothing happened .


if you have just port forwarded the server then you need to restart your whole computer. that worked for me


Please check the following if you’re not seeing your server appear in the serverlist:

  1. Make sure your server is running
  2. Go to
  3. Fill in your port (default: 30120)
  4. Check your port

Could it see the service?
Then make sure your server is allowed through your firewall.

Could it NOT see your service?
Then your ports aren’t properly forwarded.


Additionally make sure you wait for around 8 minutes at least after starting the server. New servers get added automatically after 2 heartbeats (one is sent every 4 minutes).


It is only letting me use my IP but not the one the server is using. How do I fix that?


Is your server Linux or Windows?

Windows: Connect via Remote Desktop Connection and load the website on a web browser

Linux: Install telnet (or PuTTy) on your own PC link and telnet into your server via your computers command line telnet vps_ip 30120