Cant find State of Emergency server


I cant find the State of Emergency server on the FiveM serverlist. What can I do?


Enter from direct IP


where do i enter the ip and where do i find the ip?


I found the server ip i think; but it says no server has that ip adress…


I don’t have this issue, I can type a server, did you try another server just to be sure ?


yes i tried joining a server but only with name, not with ip. should i try with ip?


i found the server via ip search but it says that the server is full for 6 hours straight…


yes you need to keep connecting every 5-6 seconds to not lose ur queue… u know SOE is the famous server


you type in or is their server names if you don’t have the IP adress. The reason you cant search it is to keep randoms from coming in and being shit heads in the server. You find the server listing when youve went to their website and made an account


This is from May of 2017…


information still valid to this day