Can't connect to any server


Yesterday i tried FiveM and went on a server just for know if it works well, but since today i can’t connect to any server there is only write “Connecting to [IP of the server]” (Screens)

I can’t even do something, to quit FiveM I have to open task manager and force it to leave.
Please help me :’(

Ps: Sorry for the faults I’m not english but I tried my best.


I have the same problem


I have same problem, i need to leave steam for work… but i can’t, i need steam … it’s not a solution


I have same problem, I have since yesterday evening me :confused:
Someone has a solution?


When I launch FiveM without Steam it still doesn’t works


How do you run FiveM without steam?
When I launch FiveM without steam, he tells me that I must use steam to play.


I just log out of my Steam account and he still can run


I’m not even playing, I’m too considered I can not