Cannot see other Players


Hi, Currently I have an issue where when I first join my server, I cannot see the clients playing on the server, they are invisible. I can see their chat messages, and they can see mine. I’m wondering if there is some sort of server side issue that is making this happen, or if it is simply just due to how early in development this mod is. My friends claim to have the same issue.

But, if either of us re log we can then begin to see each other again, this can be quite frustrating because we have to mess around for quite some time to figure out who needs to re-log. I have searched for this issue on the forums already, and I couldn’t find anything on the topic. i’d be very appreciative if someone could help, or maybe give an explanation as to why this happens. it’s almost like it’s putting us in a different instance.

  • thanks


^ what he says. It happens to everyone.


any solution to this?