Can we disable death if using Lambda(or custom trainer) and custom skin?


Hi. Can you please hear me out on this? Not sure to make this a bug ticket or feature request. Considering I’m asking for crash protection based on mods that do this, I’m submitting as feature request. I’ve also seen this under bugs and nobody seems to want to fix it or work on it.

I know this is possible to do as a server admin, but for the love of god can we please please make this default?

When a player uses Lambda on a server allowing trainers and they(or another player) uses a custom skin, their game client crashes when that player dies. If I’m using Lambda on a server for a few minutes and someone logs in and dies on a custom skin, my game crashes with the error ‘october michigan lithium’.

I know you guys aren’t gearing your effort to working around mods, but given how popular Lambda is and that it’s no longer supported, can we implement crash protection for those that use it? Or for any other trainers that allow people die using custom skins?

The only way I know to fix this is if someone is using a custom skin, disable death(or at least make the minimum HP value as 1. Kind of like a god mode for those who want to use a custom skin, to prevent players from crashing). Then when it gets low, state that they cannot die using a custom skin. Either that or some tricky way to respawn people using the custom skin and fix the crash all together.



Doubt that that will be implemented, however like you said: if you are the server admin you can easily fix this issue. Just use something like this:

  SetEntityHealth(GetPlayerPed(PlayerId()), 200)
  SetPlayerInvincible(PlayerId(), true)

Even if they toggle god-mode on and back off in a trainer, this will force god mode to be on, no matter what.


I doubt it too but if nobody talks about it then nothing will get done. If a lot of people step up and make it known that it’s an issue then someone may or may not consider it.

And I am not a server admin, but thank you for mentioning that in case other server admins would like to use that. That might come in handy for someone :slight_smile:


This only reproducibly happens with some animal skins - the freemode model (or other NPCs) don’t even reapply on death, and even the way LM sets these doesn’t seem to be problematic in most cases.

Practically, one should just remove animal skins from their server-side trainer, for this is a bit annoying to actually resolve even with a repro case.


If anyone wants to do that take a look at this: