Can someone provide me with a /revive or /cuff please?


Can someone provide me with a /revive or /cuff please? I have tried lots of different ones but non of them work, thanks!


Not a feature request… Please post in the correct category.


RPDeath works for revive, COPS resource comes with everything for cops. Use the search function.


I tried RPDeath but it Says “Couldn’t load resource RPDeath. :(”


hmmm that’s wierd. It works for me. Possibly ask on the original authors post.


And what do you mean COPS? Nothing came up


Just search “Cops” in the releases section.


[Release] Cops FiveM V1.4.0 (09/23/2017)?


Yes that is the resource.


But i just want /cuff, I dont like all the other stuff like the garage or the menu




Where are you putting the resource folder?


in resourses


Do i need essential mode?


I can’t garuntee this still works, it was made a couple months ago and has not been updated since so don’t be disappointed if it is broken!


What, can you send it me please?


Just click on what scott posted above and it’ll take you to it, but again, i made it a couple months ago before ESX and all the updates so i doubt it still works, so beware of that.


Oh yea, iv’e tried it, it doesn’t work.