Can someone help me? Or just send me the correct files


So, I’ve been trying to intall the hwaycars to my server for a while now and I have finally found a file. This is the error I get.

My folders


So what am I doing wrong…?


Seems like there is a problem with the vehicles.meta.

Is this what you are trying to use?


Oh, thanks. Yep, I downloaded the one on LCPDFR, put the dlc.rp in OpenIV, and there were so many different metas carcols carvariations, etc. But thanks a lot!!


Ok, so I added to my server and my CFG, I renamed the folder VEHICLE_PACK_1 and I put it in and it’s saying "hwaycar-hwaycar10 could not be found.’ I don’t what the issue is, I put it in with the download you sent me.

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You can close this topic.


Did you solve it?
If so, feel free to write the solution here so other users who may encounter with this problem can get a solution too.


Nope it’s ok, I got it working.