Can open es_admin menu


I can’t open the es_admin menu but when i type /admin is chat it says im a user with 0 permission level. So es_admin is working, I just can’t open the menu


Ask on the original post… no reason to make your own when esadmin has a topic already.


cant find the es_admin post. looked everywhere thats why i made one here


It comes with the essentialmode base… Pretty sure…


also states it comes with es_admin so ask in this topic.


You have to set your permission level in SQL database, under user field. I believe permission level are from 0 to 4, but not sure about their differences. Also, you have to set yourself as an admin, moderator or superadmin. You will find more info about these roles and their permissions in (I think it was) client.lua in es_admin folder. You can set up there who can do what.