Can I use a video as my server loading screen?



Just tell me how if you can do it. Thanks!


When you take your entire loading screen off, then (atleast on my server), you get a game of fun GTA1 to play while a bunch of screen tearing and stutters happening while FiveM is loading, thanks to the CFX Devs!


So is it possible to do it anyways? Or do i have to just use a picture with music playing.


This may help you do what you want: [Release] Stream videos to your loading screen


I cant get that to work. Idk why it just goes to the gta 1 loading screen.


Unfortunately I can’t offer much in terms of support as I’ve never used the resource nor tested it. Sorry


LEL I was honestly just thinking about this than I seen this.


Honestly I dont even care if i cant use a video I’d be fine with a picture with music lol.


Video More 2017! Than you can show your trailer etc.