Can I run fivem my pc specs are i3-8130u 2.20ghz 8gb ram intel Hd 620 graphics can I run it?


So I’m about to upgrade my laptop to 8gb ram and I wanted to know if it can run fivem and gta 5, my pc specs are on the title tell me if I can run it


No dont even upgrade the ram save up for a PC


Download it and see, as long as you can run gta5 you can play FiveM


he didnt say he can run gta 5 and i dont believe with intel HD 620 graphics he can really play it.


Just searched it up you can run it with the specs I have on 30 FPS on low 720p


That will get worse with FiveM and servers with the resources they have.

playing GTA5 Online and FiveM you will get two very different experiences.


Yeah but doesn’t everyone have that problem?


No… just people with lower end PC’s/Laptop’s.

Your experience wont be great.


We’ll see, I think I’m fine because now yes there will be servers that can give me a bad experience but I think I will be fine.


If your going to play roleplay you will be laggy.
32 slots server - less lag
54+ slots - more lag


Ok so I did everything play fivem on low settings 720p it runs smoothly from 22-31 FPS it lags when a lot of explosions happen or there’s to many things going on in the nearby area but the lag is low. This is great