California State Roleplay (Hiring All, supervisor high up positions) (No Age Limit)


Hello, I’m Lonna T. The Assist.Deputy Director of CASRP. We just started our server yesterday, it won’t be up for a few weeks however. But we’re still hiring positions for all departments. Such as!

California Highway Patrol
Highway Captain and below.
Commissioner: James E.
Deputy Commissioner: Snow A.

Los Angeles Police Department
Police Asst. Chief and below.
Chief Of Police: Oscar O.
Assistant Chief Of Police: VACANT

Los Angeles Fire Department
Fire Chief: George L.
Deputy Fire Chief: Logan S.
Battalion Chief: Ryan E.
Doctor’s Office
Fire Investigation

Dispatch Director: VACANT

Civilian Department
Civilian Director: Union P.

Our website is in case you wanna have a look? We hope to see you there.


Spots still open, new paramedic supervisor ranks OPEN!


More Spots open, Communications needs supervisors! Server starts soon!


I just submitted an application to join your clan


New Dispatch Manager, for the time being it is myself!