California State Roleplay Community/ Over 50 custom civ cars!/ looking for mods/admins!


Hello, first lets start by introducing myself!, My name is R.Sean I am a director with csrp, i look at this server lasting for a long time! And i need your help! Im very kind to my players if you want a mod installed i will add it the second you post it! As you can already tell, this server is based in california, And of course loads with mods, custom civ cars, custom leo vehicles, and lag free!, this is a great roleplay server to enjoy hanging out with your friends when your bored! And of course for other server directors looking to cooperate with me, im down! Im just here to make fivem more enjoyable, no modders/trolling! Like i said we can use more people! Expecially admins and your chances becoming one is high sense we only have 2! Well thats all more detail will be on our discord! Feel Free to join!!!: Happy roleplaying!