My name is K. Sinclair, I’m the Director of California State Roleplay and I’d like to personally extend an invite to everyone out there looking for a great community to roleplay in. We’re a newer community looking to continue our rapid expansion and growth amongst our fellow FiveM servers and hope you’ll join us. We offer an assortment of vehicles and ways to enhance your RP life. Ranging from over 30 custom Police and Sheriff vehicles to open interiors (Including Bunkers) to allow you to maximize your potential while you’re online. Civilians have access to everything from a Chevorlet Volt up to the sleek and beautiful Mercedes-Benz AMG.
We are a 100% RP server, your job goes as far as your imagination! We do not have restrictions except on emergency services.

We are also offering a reward system for RP’ers who are not only consistent, but who do good. This doesn’t mean your RP has to be of quality, but it means setting a good example for the community. This can be something a small as a prop to something as big as a custom vehicle put into the game for you.

We provide you all the tools - you provide the fun!

We only ask that you be active if you’re emergency services and if you’re a civilian that you follow the rules and have fun.

So connect with us with the links provided below.

Unique Features:

  • Several Custom Cars for Civilians
  • 30+ Unique Cars for Police, Fire, Sheriff. - Server ELS files required.
  • Open Interiors (Bunkers Included)
  • Reward System for Good Roleplay that includes Supercars, Props and more!

Director Note: Website is currently being developed/upgraded and this is a placeholder. We apologize for the construction mess!



Server: California State Roleplay | Serious RP | Civilian Honor System | Recruitment Drive


9/20/17 BUMP

Updated Post!

We are desperately seeking qualified Cops and EMS to assist with operations and as always, civilians to come join the fun. We have staffing needs for our peek times but request any time slots to be filled as we have minimal presence online.

Request that people be active within the community for a set amount of time to be discussed. Inactive personnel will be removed.

Dual-Clanning is strictly forbidden.


Additional Forgot BUMP!

I am also looking for a Developer who is qualified and competent.

Please join TS and poke me if you feel you have the skills.




Bump! And Bump!


New website bump!

Still minor things being added but it’s up and running! Bask in it’s glory!


Activity bump!

We have seen some wonderful growth and are still pushing to whitelist! Come join us for some fun!


Bump Bump! And another bump!


Fun Friday BUMP!

Come on and join us on Discord!


We’re looking for Civilians!

TS is only used for Official communications, Join Discord for new address!


We’re also looking to Whitelist the server by November 1st.


Friday bumpy bump!!!


I would like to be fire.