California Serious Roleplay



come to my server to play FIVEM, Looking for friends to have fun with while role playing on FIVEM
MY fivem server name is California Serious Roleplay|have fun
my website
i look forward to playing with you {thanks for joining my fivem server


no offence dude, this post sucks. you gave us a discord, a incorrect email domain and a server name that most likely 30 servers have


Bro leave him alone, he’s just a kid. I understand that you said no offense, but if you have a negative comment just don’t say it. I know him on Discord, he’s a kid. Like all the kids on FiveM that want to start a FiveM server. If you don’t like the post, move onto another one and don’t even comment if it’s gonna be negative.


The invite is invalid


nice 3 months bumpppppp