California Roleplay | Anyone Can Be a Cop | Custom CAD/MDT



My Name is Jon and I had a started community not too long ago called California Roleplay, we are based on California with a multiple twists.

Links & Info
Discord: (

What My Community Will Provide
We aim to provide a serious role play and hope you enjoy your stay. We welcome all suggestions and feedback and use that to better ourselves and move forward and grow our community. If anyone has any suggestions please direct them to the discord or forums.

Departments & Sub-Departments
Los Santos Police Department

  • Traffic Services Unit
  • Speed Enforcement Unit
  • Gang Unit

Blaine County Sheriffs Department

  • Bike Unit
  • Gang Unit

San Andreas Highway Patrol

  • Bike Unit
  • Air Unit
  • Common Speeding Offence Area (Polar Bear Division)

Public Law Enforcement
We Currently allow civilians to go as Public Cops as long as they are in the RTO Channel in Discord and have contacted a staff member for a call sign.
Ped: Cop Male - Short Sleeve, No Body Armor or TSU Vest, Option of Cap
Car: Police 10 - Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, once on duty patrol the best you can.
Weapons: Combat Pistol, Stun Gun, Nightstick & Flashlight

Civilian Operations
We currently do not offer a lot in the civilian operations that is different to other servers, we have custom cars and special scripts just for civilians but we are looking to expand this. We will be hosting weekly events such as drag race or offroad events for some cool perks within the discord and server. We also have Park Rangers and Bounty Hunters and would love to see those departments be used.


Why do you put the name California but you don’t actually rp as california…


We were thinking about that…