California Law Roleplay l Looking for CHP Troopers l Need more Troopers



Hello this is Commissioner Jovany G. I am here to let all you guys know that CHP will be opening applications. We are looking for great officers with great talent. We are here to protect and serve the state of San Andreas. CHP will mostly be patrolling the Highways and main roads. We patrol the whole State but CHP is currently only Patrolling in the Blaine County. Applications are due by 03/10/18 we will only accept the most professional RPers and wont waste time with non professionals. If you are going to try to apply for CHP make your application as professional and don’t mess around. If you get accepted you will need to complete training and then go on ride along 4 times with different officers each time. CHP officers earn from the range of 16,500 - 18,600 depending on there rank and work hours (per year). I hope you apply for CHP and have fun with the department.

You must join the discord first to get your application for CHP.


100% Serious RP NO FAIL RP


copying my name lol
be originals


wow, claiming names, anyway

18 days old and this post is march the 4th.

and the name is slightly different :^)


Bud I’m not talking about this community I’m talking about Californialawroleplay CLRP do you homework before you talk



Bud you

  1. Need to calm the fuck down
  2. Get your big ego looking ass to take a chill pill
  3. Stop crying about California Law Roleplay your RP thing is called California Republic Roleplay
  4. This server was created last year in December 2017
  5. The server is no longer running according to my calculations because I’m not in it no more so stop crying about this post


Then what community are you talking about if your not talking about this community then what are you talking about