California Highway Patrol - Vehicle Developer Request -



Hello, their my name is Kody McPheron and Im needing some help with a vehicle modding request for a server im in. The vehicle im requesting is a few things of CHP stuff. If you can make it realistic thats what we are hopping for, so the things im requesting are,

  1. Someone to take the Lore Friendly Retro Emergency Pack and make it into a resource as a addon pack for Five M.
  2. I need the following vehicles for CHP, (NON-ELS)
  3. 2016 Dodge Charger Slicktop (NON-ELS) (PolarBear) and (Black and White)
  4. 2015 Chevy Tahoe (Lightbar) (PolarBear) (Black and White) (NON-ELS)
  5. 2015 Chevy Tahoe (Slicktop) (PolarBear) (Black and White) (NON-ELS)

My main priority is the Lore Friendly Retro Pack being converted to a Five M resource and would apperacate the help!


My server (DLC’s RP), uses this Non-ELS CHP Pack, which has most of the vehicles you’re requesting. Best of all, you just install it like you would any resource, no need to screw with variations and meta files.