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California Department Of Roleplay
Made & Developed. April 2018

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About California Department Of Roleplay
CDORP is a community that is dedicated to having the most fun and showing not only serious roleplay, but also with a family experience.

As of now, the community is still in its infancy, and is in need of improvement suggestions, and even perspective staff members.

Welcoming Experience
California Department Of Roleplay provides you with a family, that is always there for you, and gets along. We want that family experience to thrive within this community. Unlike many roleplay communities, we interact with community members while not roleplaying, where we can all have fun. If there is any fear that this family experience is going away for you, you can fill out an Internal Affairs Complaint form, that will look into resolving the problem.

Roleplay Experience
Your experience of roleplay in this community will be great. At the rare occasion that something goes wrong, you can fill out an IA Complaint form on that person.

If you are worried about the server not being well created, or developed, not to fear. 1) It has many great features, vehicles, etc. that extensively build on your experience. 2) Any member, staff, administration, can input suggestions directly to someone, where it will be looked over extensively, before approval or denial

Primary Department’s
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
California Highway Patrol
Los Santos Fire Department

Sub Department’s
H.E.A.T (Motor Vehicle enforcement, Taking Primary In Pursuits)
S.W.A.T (Extreme Call Cases For Priority Situations)
N.O.O.S.E (National Of Security Enforcement)
DEP (Wildlife & Environmental Enforcement)
DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
Dispatcher (Police, Fire & EMS Dispatcher)

Where to apply

New Opportunities
As you may see we have many departments to choose from. We’re looking for more players to fill up all of our spots. We’re gaining many members a day. I highly urge you to join as many opportunities are still open. We’ve currently got around 30 members, and still growing, but slowly and truly. Promotions are handed out by evaluation from Command Staff. So what do you say? Come on and have one of the world’s best California Roleplay Experiences.


Great server, Currently LSPD Chief & Developer!