(C#) MenuAPI - MAPI v2.0.0


It’s already included with vMenu


So install latestest version of vMenu ?


Yes. vMenu changed to using MenuAPI two versions or so agao


Yes, since vMenu v2.0.0 it’s using MenuAPI iirc. And it’s all included in the vMenu download. There’s no need to get this as well.


which is faster between this one and Guads NativeUI?


That doesn’t even work on FiveM.

Comparing this to CitizenFX’s NativeUI, this is faster and has more features


^^ i thought it would work on fivem… i saw a video of it working… maybe it was CitizenFX’s… anyway thank you ^^ it’s like the millionth time you asnwer a question of mine on c# XD i won’t thank you enough for this… but thank you :smiley:


Update v2.0.0 (!please read before updating!)

There are some critical changes in this version that make it only semi-backwards compatible. Meaning, you can keep your current code unchanged, however you will need to make sure that your own resource (that uses MenuAPI):

  • Uses the latest (official) NuGet CitizenFX.Core.Client API package.
  • Adds System.Drawing as a reference. (actually selecting it in the Add References window, not just using System.Drawing in your files).

Because of this semi-backwards compatibility change, I’ve decided to jump the version to 2.0.0.

More info on this here:

The MAPI docs will be updated soon.



nvm. Just did something else to fix my issue.


how do i set the position offset of the menu? i mean like to have it shown on center screen instead of left / right

in Lua you can specify the offset when declaring the menu


anyway i think forcing people to use official nuget packages is not fair… ^^ they’re not updated… if i use the latest fivem client.dll i can use some natives that in nuget packages are not present


you are probably using an old nuget or an unofficial one.
In the last days official and updated nuget packages has been released, both for Client and Server


The official ones are updated, so you must be using the wrong (unofficial) packages.


I see… I’m using the official ones taken directly from client folder and server folder and I got errors… using nuget ones works


is there a way to set the offset of the menu on screen? like center screen?


No, there’s no way to do that. Only left or right aligned menus are available.


i see