C# help


Hello, I have looked a bit into developing some stuff with C#, server- and clientmods.

I managed to get something simple to work, but now I was wondering if there is a complete reference somewhere…?
I mean there are the natives, fair enough I could just use those. But there seem to be some “wrappers”, I can’t find any reference to them though…?


What do you mean, specifically?

Are you taking about C# specific classes and stuff such as PlayerList I don’t think there’s a page or anything that specifically lists them but, looking through the source code you can work out what’s what


Yeah PlayerList for example. But ok so I can either do that, or just use natives?
Also about the events, what would I do for the following situations:
Trigger when someone enters a vehicle

Would I simply “subscribe” for the tick event and check with stuff like isTryingToEnterVehicle or whatever functions there are?

Trigger when someone damages and/or kills someone

Would the solution be the same as above? Something like every tick check if the player is shooting another one?


That’s how everyone else would do it, in either language. So, yea. You could do that. Just make sure you’ve got Task.Delays in there so noone crashes.


Well … I mean yes, that’s how everyone else would do it, if you have to.
What i was more wondering is if there was an event “PlayerHurtEntity” or whatever I could subscribe to. But I guess that’s the way to go then, ty :slight_smile: