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The State of San Andreas Roleplaying Community
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You can now apply directly via our automated process here

Hello, I’m Connor G | 1A-001 from the SoSA-RP Community. I’m the Community Director and one of the developers tasked with creating our fantastic community and I’d like to share some information about it with you.

Founded by former law enforcement after leaving other popular communities due to a lack of realism, we aim to provide the most realistic community possible within the limits of GTA/FiveM.

We have a wide variety ranks (in fact over 100) across all of our local agencies. You can be a member of any agency and will start out as a Recruit going through our 5 part recruitment and onboarding process consisting of an application, interview, theory test, driving test and mandatory ‘ride alongs’.

San Andreas Communications (SAC) staff have a different process consisting of 4 individual components: application, interview, theory test and partnered shadowing.

All of our staff are vetted for professionalism, knowledge and experience with a special consideration given to those who have served in Law Enforcement / National Security / First Responder roles in real life to then translate that knowledge in game.

How do we make it realistic?
Using our real life knowledge we develop our policies, procedures and overall server around what we are used to in real life. With former security services, Sheriff, State Police and Corrections staff we have a wide variety of knowledge.

You can be a member of any of our 7 local agencies:

  • Los Santos Police Department (incorporating Port Authority, Traffic Enforcement, Narcotics & Firearms as well as our specialist Gangs unit)

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (incorporating Marine unit, Traffic Enforcement, Warrant Enforcement, Criminal Investigations and much more)

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (incorporating U.I.T.F. [under the influence task force], USE [undercover speed enforcement] and much more)

  • Federal Investigation Bureau (Serious and Organised Crime)

  • San Andreas Fire, EMS and Rescue (SAFER)

  • San Andreas Communications (SAC)

  • Civilians of the State of San Andreas

All of our features and suggestions are publicly tracked via our Trello Kanban Board where suggestions can be made and voted on. We then update the card with information as it is developed as well as tagging it with any Github commits associated with it. As an example, in the last week we have pushed over 80 different changes to our Github repository for the server alone with an additional 20 on our other repositories. We are actively seeking additional development and systems staff to assist in making SoSA-RP better.


  • Bespoke Recruitment and Onboarding executed by trained staff
  • Bespoke Server with a variety of custom features
  • Economy for both Civilians and First Responders (when playing as a civ)
  • Wide range for promotions and progression
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff all over the age of 20.
  • Custom websites, regularly updated documentation and ‘super users’ willing to help newcomers
  • Whitelisted and vetted users using our bespoke process

I do hope that you come and pay us a visit, we welcome both interested parties as well as applicants to our Discord server, we do ask that all applicants be of 16 years when applying however you are welcome to join our Discord.

Regular development updates are posted in #Development-Log in Discord.

Thank you for your time.

Governor Connor G. | 1A-001
Founder & G8.1 Governor/Community Director
Governor’s Office, State of San Andreas

The State of San Andreas Roleplaying Community
Original name, I know… :wink: | |

Howdy again,

Just a little update. We’ve recently introduced our Community Voice program whereby members can suggest items to be implemented to our server and vote for them, the more votes the item receives the quicker it makes it into a development sprint. In our most recent sprint we implemented 5 new features, tested and assured them in less than 24 hours.

We have a really active mantra towards continuous improvement here at SoSA-RP and would love for you guys to come check it out.

The State of San Andreas Roleplaying Community
Original name, I know… :wink: | |

Howdy again,

Lets talk about updates… we’ve successfully implemented over 100 user suggestions in the last two weeks and are now averaging around 5 changes a day.

Our applications are actively open and we’re making a move over to our new Xenforo forums as we speak! I cannot reiterate how different our community is to the other startups on here, with our first class professionalism you’ll find it hard to believe you are playing GTA.

As always, we welcome you to come check us out!

The State of San Andreas Roleplaying Community
Original name, I know… :wink: | |

We’re still looking for talented members, we are offering staff positions to applicable candidates who apply through our recruitment system at

Applications have reopened for every department
We’re the one to beat when it comes to FiveM servers

We’re the only community founded and ran by real first responders… come be part of the #1 Most Realistic community

The State of San Andreas Roleplaying Community
Original name, I know… :wink: | |

Staff positions in all departments are slowly being filled, sign up now to avoid disappointment. Additionally you can take part in our new Public FiveM server which is being released in the coming weeks.

Directly apply at:

Come and join us on Discord at
Or you can apply directly at

One of the greatest decisions I made in my rp life, was to join this community! I went through the process, passed with flying colors, such professional creators.

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Really appreciate the post! Thanks so much :slight_smile: Glad you are enjoying it at SoSA-RP.

Kindest regards,

Governor Connor G. | 1A-001

Founder & G8.1 Governor/Community Director
Governor’s Office, State of San Andreas

We’re continuing patrols, come join us!

A little update

So over the LAST MONTH we’ve implemented OVER 200 CHANGES after suggestions made by users and we actively continue to do so. Our two newest staff members are Alec P. | DISP-003 and Blake R. | DISP-002 both communications managers with a wealth of experience.

We’re actively recruiting members, staff and subdivision members for our community, and would love you to be the part of the only community founded and ran by REAL FIRST RESPONDERS.