Bus Driver Job request?


Could anyone make a script that makes you be able to be a bus/coach driver? (Compatibility with VRP would be great).

The recruitment pole would be at the LS bus depot and you would have to transport AI’s across the map.


I would love to see something like this as well but use something like dashhound busses for intercity travel going from sandy, grapeseed and palimino to LS dashhound station. With some features maybe like having a way to earn money picking up AI’s and players at designated stops. Something integrated with VRP money system would be nice.


me as well! Maybe this can be done, does anyone recall this in Vice City ?


Yes I do I loved vice city for that feature it would be great to see it implemented into fiveM


Just use the taxi script from vRP and edit it so you have to be in a bus, not a taxi.


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