Buggiest Direct Connect Ever


Everytime I want to direct connect to my localhost but writing it doesn’t show my localhost server but a random one… So if I don’t erase and rewrite the last number I go to random server and that’s frustating.

Please solve that for the next update or add a commandline option for fast connecting to THE RIGHT IP this TIME!!!

#2 is a broad IP… You should have an External IP that needs to be used… Google Port checker… Im betting your trying to use the wrong IP


Absolutely wrong, it’s not a broad ip… what ever you mean by that. aka localhost is a loopback ip address. The results should only ever be what you’re hosting on your machine.


What? No it isn’t. is the loopback address for your local machine… It isn’t “broad”, it points back to your machine…

The issue MisteRibi is referring to is to do with the way FiveM “predicts” the IP you enter at every keystroke instead of waiting for you to stop entering the numbers. When you start to look for your loopback IP FiveM thinks “oh, he wants to connect to a 127 server… let’s find one for him” so, it finds a server that starts with “127” (this might be what you mean by broad?). The problem with this system is, that when you’ve finished typing the IP address FiveM shows the servers it has found for “127” rather than “”.

I agree that this system could be improved with something like a “search” button on the direct connect page but, I assume it’s low priority for the Devs right now.

Edit: Turns out I had a crap networking professor and I was wrong about the loopback IP and the cause of the issue. My bad


What the hell @Havoc, that’s completely false. In fact, all IPs starting with 127.x are loopback addresses leading to localhost; the actual issue is much simpler: the server list refreshing pings, if going to the direct connect tab within a certain timespan, still haven’t finished being received, and some are still coming in while entering an IP.

The actual workaround, instead of removing and reentering the address, is waiting for the main server list to be loaded before clicking “direct connect”.

Alternately, press F8 and type connect IP:30120 as usual, though this only works the first time loading into a server.


By “Broad” I meant wide range of reasons to use the loopback… By why use a loopback if you are just trying to connect to the server. Why not use your Internal IP… Using a loopback is (Most of the time) for testing functionality of the IP Stack…


I don’t want to have to wait for something simple as that…

I tried to go offline (wihtout internet connection plugged in my computer) that solve the problem of the direct connect tab but impossible to play with my localhost server… That’s bad too because if I want to play when internet provider is down it’s impossible…

Your system’s buggy, even bugggyer with forced update that we can’t block because we can’t play offline…

I’m really hoping for the next update, at least if you move foward, if not, too bad for everyone :frowning:


You can, though? It’s not ‘impossible to play’, and you again didn’t bother to state any error at all.

  • be offline
  • no update gets downloaded
  • if the game DRM doesn’t need refreshing (note this is something R* did and we can’t modify)
  • you can play offline fine


I use my internal IP, (10.0.0.x) and still have this issue where random servers come up. If I erase the last digit and retype it, it usually then pops up with my server.


I can but I’m not suposed to because it’s “direct connect” not " approximate connect" so unless you solve that or rename that but do something for the sake of everyone!!!

I said that I can’t play offline, I can play offline GTAV vanilla but can’t play offline FiveM, how you do it???


Yeah, that’s what I say, but it’s not supossed to be like that for a “direct connect”… For me I can call il “approximate connect”!!!