Buffalo City RP ESX Framework, Accepting All Departments, Map enhancements, Societies. In Game Interviews. No Application



Buffalo City RP

Server IP:

–> Discord: https://discord.gg/at79Qvm

Who are we?
Buffalo City RP is a serious roleplay community with a friendly and dedicated staff based on the ESX framework. Always updating.

What makes us unique?
Our community offers features that most communities do not have. Some of these are but not limited to numerous map enhancements, So many jobs (Legal and illegal), Multiple drugs (you can sell to civs or mpcs), Numerous societies with in game management, New interiors and more (always adding and improveing things.

What are the requirements to join?
To join BCRP, you will need to have Grand Theft Auto V, as well as join our discord. You must have a working mic at all times.

Want to be in the emergency services field?
I would love to chat with you. Join the discord, go to the waiting room and I will be with you ASAP. As of now, there is no application process, but I will talk with you and test you in game to see how you are.


Discord link expired.


Updated the Link. So the discord should work now.


Looking for immediate police, fire and ems workers. Now hiring on the spot in game.