Brown MLO Pack 80+ Interiors

The 4x Druglab interior replaces the 1x Cokelab. There should be 4 coords in the list, 2 for meth & 2 for coke :smiley:

Do u have the standalone cokelab enabled too? Try disabling that or do u have any other maps running in that spot?

NVM !! After restarting the server everything loads…

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ill get a fix and release in for Bahama mama’s release page as well

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Excellent work, thanks for the release!

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Looks nice

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can anyone say how can i make only one script to run all 80 together in one script ?

You can stream all the mlos in 1 ressource if you rename the manifests to like manifest1, manifest2, manifest3. Also the cokelab conflicts with the druglabs, so use one of em. The diner also conflicts with the pink cage motels, as they use the same collision. Ill make a patch for it soon!

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thanks dude i am waiting for your this patch love you.

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Is there a way to moove whole interior?

So, the doors from the outside do not want to work. If I noclip inside they work fine when exiting… Not to sure what exactly is up with it…

There are 100 doors? Please be specific, thanks :smiley:

Thanks for the quick reply but we found it. We couldn’t find the door for the penitentiary. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Prison door access is from the prison yard, it has C32 labeled above the doors.

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aceking and motels are giving city bug! These are not working!

EDIT: sorry, after testing and testing, i found out that the MLO Casino resource was giving all the city bugs… But when i did disable aceking and motels it did fix some spots.

Your resources is fine and very nice!

good morning

I downloaded the 80 interiors on my server but not all of them work for me. you know why?

Hey Brown,

Would you happen to have the Winery MLO if so could you help me out just want the mansion on the Vineyard to be accessible

I absolutely wanted to say congratulations, remarkable work, we see that you played a lot of game the sims :rofl:

but where you bluffed me the most is the police station, there are doors evywhere, rooms of interrogatories, offices, new cells, place where to make you photograph,
a medical place and ++++++++++++ and +++++++++… ., he is simply grandioise, a work of professionel, you set the bar very high, it must be confessed. And the worst thing in all this is nikel with esx_doorlock, esx_policejob ect … it was well played to make a big extension without touching the bases of the doors ect … bravo this map is just sensational!

+10000000000000 :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Very good job THX ! i search the name of door (motel beach), any idéa?

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can someone tell me what exactly MLO is? whats the difference in this and ymap and stuff like that